PDL Strategic Plan 2022-2025

PDL porch

It’s been a long two years.
The global pandemic destabilized a number of core library services, and we are still emerging from that
tumultuous period. During that time, we had to experiment in order to find alternative avenues to
support our community. Community preferences and expectations were changing as well. In order to
move forward in an intentional and sustainable manner, we have to pause and evaluate what matters
Staff undertook a number of research activities to assess the need for updates and the library’s
readiness to implement new service models. This investigation helped us learn more about the needs of
our community. The resulting document presented here will act as a guide for the next three years. It
will form the basis for our decision-making, budgeting, and staffing.


Our mission statement speaks to the reasons why our library exists in the community. It builds the
foundation for our services and spaces.

Plymouth District Library shares resources to create connection and opportunity for our entire
community, because we are stronger together.


Our vision statement defines our aspirations for the community and outlines the library’s role in making
that vision a reality.

Plymouth District Library is the heart of an inclusive community that is engaged and empowered to
shape a more vibrant future.

The complete PDL Strategic Plan can be downloaded or read here.